PTSD? and the art of getting on with stuff


Love this meme!

Had it for ages and ages saved to the phone because it’s just become my anthem, after a lifetime of being a monkey for someone else.

This morning while trawling tagged posts on WordPress I found one called The Truth about narcissists,  basically it says it’s a hoax, and all rubbish peddled to the gullible public. Oh yeah…  Gullible.

So I reposted it in spite of feeling not right about it, what ignorance says I!  They will learn some day.

And in minutes my anxiety was overwhelming I had to go back and read it. YEP I should delete it,  I felt better immediately. Second reading made me think if not a narcissist , then one with many traits and lets be honest, most narcissistic traits are just not  acceptable, I don’t accept that sort of thing in my life now. I don’t need any drama!!!!

I deleted it,

I felt better.

I didn’t want the kind of person who reads that blog or the kind of person who writes that post to notice I reposted it and criticised it.

Because I don’t need that drama.

I don’t need to justify myself to anyone.

I know what I know and really other people think what they think, and its just not my fight to try to change anyone.

Plus if narcissistic people were involved, how do they respond to criticism, to someone who won’t play the way they like?


Exactly 🙂

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