Summer Review. 

Such a long time since last post.  It’s been a warm pleasant summer here.  Been busy with the garden, growing broccoli, lettuce,  Swiss chard,  curly kale, onions, tomatoes, rhubarb and many herbs for ourselves this year.  Cutting roman chamomile today for tea.  Gorgeous smell off it like apples and fresh cut grass. The borage has become an immense blue flowered bush and the bees love it. The wormwood has grown to over three feet tall and is coming into flower. So looking forward to talking cuttings in autumn to propagate new plants for companion planting near the soft plants like kale and lettuce.  Also growing very well is the curly parsley. Life is certainly pretty good right now. In the last four years everything has become a lot simpler without a malignant narcissist working against us. P. has finished school, sat everyone of his exams and is waiting now for his results and hopefully a place at college doing what he wants to do, software development. What a relief it is to see him doing so well. And I’m excited for him, about to embark on his own path in life and all the good things that are coming to him now.  

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