About me

My name is Marie.  I live in the west of Ireland. I am forty four years old. I have a son P who is 16.
His father passed away eighteen months ago, he was a malignant narcissist.

I was an adopted child, I do not know my birth family. My adopted mother and father are both deceased. I have no brothers or sisters. I was an only child, my extended adopted family have abandoned me, this past ten years.
I had had three significant relationships, the first two with narcissists, the third and present with a wonderful loving and supportive man.

I was in a relationship with a malignant narcissist for sixteen years, P ‘s father. We have suffered emotional, verbal, mental, financial and some physical abuse which has scarred us and left us with shells of lives. P ‘s father T passed away suddenly eighteen months ago four days after I left him, and left two very dependent very broken people who he claimed to love more than life itself. Yeah right.

Now in January 2015 P and I are doing very well now thank you, having changed our lives hugely for the better.

I am in a relationship now with an exceptional man with whom I have experienced real romantic love for the first time.

Prior being forced out of the workplace in 2005 when T decided I should care for my unwell mother, I had worked as a psychotherapist for seven years and also as a secondary school teacher.

I love animals especially dogs, I believe that all life is connected with one spirit but my experiences with narcissists have led to some theories a bit outside the norm.

I have seen the black eyes and experienced palpable energy draining. Reclaiming my own lost energy has been vital to my recovery and now to P.

We are not Christians, I don’t know what we are, but we do what we will but try to do no harm, and try to help those who want to be helped, in general kindness is our religion now 🙂


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